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Raspberry Sunshine's Journal

T-Shirt Art Studio

27 April
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This is a journal aimed for creating and (possibly!) selling tshirts for the masses. I'll explain the techniques I use to create the transfers (mostly computer transfers), and I'll upload pictures when I can to explain processes and show end results.

I'm a multimedia production undergrad, living with a talking book and dating a doll.

I sell T-shirts here. If you would like to purchase one, send me down an email, and we'll talk about any possible designs you would like on them.

Now if you'll excuse, I think there is some funking out that I should be doing.


All stock is bought at thriftstores unless otherwise stated.
Basic T-shirts start at $7.50, unless otherwise stated.
Front designs start at $10, unless otherwise stated.

Send me an email if you are interested.

1] Dark Sand colour loose medium T - 100% cotton - $7.50
2] Black colour tight medium T - 100% cotton - $7.50
3] Black colour large T - 100% cotton - $7.50
4] Dull Orange colour medium T - 100% cotton - $7.50
5] Bright Orange colour medium T - 100% cotton - $7.50
6] Medium Ringer - Light Blue with Dark Blue Rings - $10.00
7] Medium Ringer - Dark Blue with Light Blue Rings - $10.00